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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Woodburning stoves vs multifuel stoves

Ever wondered what the difference was between Woodburning stoves and Multi Fuel stoves ?

Well the days of wondering are up! I will give you the basic facts that will show the difference between a Woodburning Stove and a Multi fuel Stove.

Grate: The easiest way to see if you have a Woodburning Stove or a Multi Fuel Stove is to look at the fire grate. If the fire grate is "static" as in it does not have any moving parts then this means it is designed for woodburning only. If your grate has moving parts then this is called a "Riddling Grate" and is designed for the use of Wood and coal hence the name Multi Fuel stove.

Wood burns far more efficiently on a flat bed of ash hense the reason why you can not riddle the grate as they burn better on a bed of ash so do not require so much cleaning or removal of the ash.

When burning Coal you need to clear some of the Ash in order for it to contimue burning efficiently and the riddling grate allows you to make the ash fall through to an Ash Pan.

Another sure way to see if you have a Woodburning stove or a Multi fuel stove is to see if it has an Ash Pan, this is designed to catch the Ash from the grate. The ash pan is always found in a Multi fuel stove.

The Multi Fuel stoves are the more popular stoves available on the market as for around £40 more you get the flexability to burn Wood or Solid fuel. However many people still refer to stoves as Woodburning stoves but they actually normally mean a Multi fuel Stove.

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