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Sunday, 2 May 2010

What are Convection Stoves?

Convection stoves are designed to distribute heat a lot more evenly around the room.

How do Convection Stoves work?

Convection stoves have an extra side panel which forms a spacing channel between it and the fire box walls of the stove. The heat is led up into the room via these channels. Cold air is drawn in at the base of the stove and drawn up between the side plates and finally out at the top as hot air. The hot air rises, and cold air is drawn in at floor level. This generates quick and even air distribution in the room.

Why is a convection stove better than a radiant stove?

Convection stoves are by far much safer if you have small children because the side plates that draw in cold air stay much cooler than that of a radiant stove.

Convection stoves are much better at giving out even and comfortable heat into the room. Convection stoves are also extremely good if you wish to heat adjoining rooms.

What are Radiant Stoves?

Radiant stoves have been used for many years and are still by far the most popular type of stove sold today. Radiant stoves emit heat from the top, front and side of the body. Radiant woodburning stoves give out much quicker heat than convection stoves.

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  1. can i convert my radiant woodburner to a convection and how?

  2. You cant no, the reason they are convectors is that they have an extra casing that traps and heats air and raises out the top/front of the stove to give more even distribution of air.

    The only thing you could do is buy an Eco fan which uses heat as energy to power the fan and will help force air around the room.